About us

Cotton Club Dimitris began its course in 1968 and continues to this day to trade women's, men's and children's clothing.

Distinguished for its Greek seam perfection, quality, modern and comfortable appearance. 100% cotton and linen fabrics with style and elegance.

Cotton Club Dimitris maintaining the best value for money is rewarded with great confidence that collects from the client side.

Currently has two own shops in Plaka Athens.

102, Adrianou Str. Plaka, Athens | Tel. 210 3246488, 213 0250841

118, Adrianou Str. Plaka, Athens | Tel. 210 3316806

84, Adrianou Str. & Mnisikleous Plaka, Athens | Tel. 210 3210370

25, Ifaistou Str. Monastiraki, Athens | Tel. 210 3250422

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